Slushies and packing

Friday afternoon, Hubby got home a little early so I talked him into taking back the kids for a bike ride down the road to the gas station for slushies. We had a ton of fun, and I got a little more sunburn to top off what I’d already gotten that morning walking at the beach with my friend. Slushies were enjoyed by all, only one mishap when #4 tried to hand hers off to #2 and dropped it on the pavement. 

We came home and attempted to make Philly cheesesteak sandwiches but found that my youngest had eaten all of the steak that I had previously cooked for them. So we improvised and made veggie quesadillas instead. 

We spent Saturday loading furniture onto the storage container for our move to Tallahassee, and cleaning out the garage. I listed my son’s dirt bikes for sale and had a buyer pick them up on Sunday morning. We packed up the entire master closet and bathroom Sunday morning and afternoon. Getting ready to move can be a real test of patience and emotional fortitude for sure. I’m ready to get outside and pedal some more and get out of this house. Two more weeks is not very long though, so for now I’ll have to buckle down and get it done so that fun can happen later.

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