The beginning in the middle.

It is hard to believe that it is already nearly the end of June. This summer has flown by faster than the cars at Daytona. Finding the time to write has been tough. 

Our journey started in Ormond beach on the 8th of June. We travelled from Ormond beach to Tallahassee, FL where we spent 2 days meeting inspectors for our next home there. 

Then we left there and drove to Talladega where we have enjoyed the seclusion, time with family, and learned to live without cell service or wifi for 10 days. Cell service problem is solved now, but wifi we will have to live without. We’ve tried out the new splash pad that was built in nearby Pell City this year, the new drive in Coyote Theater in Leeds (sadly, all of our favorite theaters here have closed in the last year, but this new one isn’t half bad), and the new Pell City library. We planted some tomatoes, zucchini and sweet peppers next to the grapevines around my porch, and mowed lots and lots of grass. Now that we have the majority of our belongings moved and the farm cleaned up and the cobwebs swept out, it’s time to move on a little; to get out of our box and go some places. 

Since moving has demanded much more attention than I had anticipated this summer, requiring an unplanned trip back down to central Florida to finish up last details, our epic road trip had been abbreviated into a smaller trip to the mountains, with a larger trip in the works for next summer. 

This finds me packing for a medium weight car (tent) camping trip which begins with a plane ride tomorrow. 
Packing to leave Ormond Beach

The sunset on the road 

Lunch at Poseys in Panacea, FL. SO GOOD! This is a great little hometown place you have got to go if you ever find yourself around south of Tallahassee. Their fried pickles are some of the best I’ve ever had. 

The light show at Cascades park in Tallahassee is a great way to spend an evening and doesn’t cost a dime. 

Last day of school. My kids have moxy.  

She handed lemons to random people in the hallway, and ate cheesecake pudding from a mayo jar at lunch. 

Go Kart racing on Friday nights at the short track in Talladega is free to watch and fun. 

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