Trump for Führer 2016. 

While my news feed fills up with rabid reporters shredding Melania Trump for lifting a few sentences from Michelle Obama’s speech, I honestly must admit that it almost feels as though we have all sighed with relief to have something so petty and less terrifying to worry about than the idea of the madman who has bought the republican nomination actually having the power of the office of President of the United States. 

For just one minute I would like to point out, that when Hitler took power in Germany, Germany was not a superpower. In fact Germany was a country crippled by the destruction WW1, and the Treaty of Versailles. In fact, Germany had been stripped of its colonies, occupied by foreign military forces for most of the preceding decade, and forced to pay reparations for its role in WW1. 

Imagine for just one second, the horror that might’ve ensued if, instead of rising to power in an economically repressed and sanctioned country, that man had managed to seduce a nation of much greater stature. Perhaps one with one of the largest military forces in the world. One like the United States. 

Every election year that I can remember, fans of both sides claim that the opposing candidate is Satan incarnate, and that his election could mean the end of the world as we know it. I’m not one who usually buys into such extremist attitudes, and I’m certainly not  a person gullible enough to take campaign speeches or news clips alone at face value, nor am I one who regularly cries that the sky is falling. This year is different though. This is the first candidate who seriously concerns me. 

A persons attitudes, and actions are worth much more than their words. But the problem with Donald Trump is that even his own words reflect his bigotry, disregard for law, and his egocentricity. His actions serve only to amplify these terrible flaws. He is a prime example of an abusive narcissist who revels in conflict. I believe that his success is largely due to the grandiose nature of his absurdity. His suggestions are too fantastical for most people to take them seriously. So instead, people downplay him in their own minds. They believe what they want to believe instead of what is right in front of their eyes. 

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